Key Steps to Financial Freedom

Personal financial freedom is the most important thing that people have to think of in today’s life. Why? Because, money is the way that people in the world are being controlled by. Actually, credit cards, mortgage loans and other personal consumption loans are the popular tools used to finance most likely everything every day. That is OK, however; overusing these tools leads people to serious financial problems which leads them after that to personal health problems, social problems and in general to a stressful daily life. Thus, the quality of people’s daily life becomes controlled mostly by the ability to pay off their debt, which mean by the amount of money that they can take out from their pockets.

Imagine yourself in a situation in which you have a lot of debts, deadlines to pay them is close or even worse it is already passed and interest are being charged but you don’t have money to pay them! The amount of your pay check is not enough and you can’t get to a second job to boost your income because of whatever reason. Brief, you stuck and you have no idea of what to do and where to start to get out from this situation! This is not a funny situation and none wants to be there, however; it is the reality of many people. According to a study published in CNBC in 2015, 8 in 10 Americans are in debt ! In Canada, according to CBCNEWS in 2016 a study says ”Canadians’ average debt load now up to $22,081” ! Only with these two statistics you will have an idea of how many people are struggling in their daily life because of debts.

The solution !

Every problem has a solution or many solutions, but not all of them are good or not all them fit to all peoples’ needs. Our solution proposal as Key Steps to Financial Freedom is based on personal development because the main cause of debt problems are related the people behavior not because of lack of money:

The Key Steps to Financial Freedom are:

  1. Educate yourself on personal finances, general knowledge of economics, personal development and clarify the unknown or misunderstood points regarding consumption and debts.
  2. Prepare a plan to get out of the trap of debts and reach your financial freedom.
  3. Take actions to apply your plan and feel the results.

Don’t worry about these steps, they are not complicated and they don’t require any background. These steps are applicable for everyone who wants to improve her or his financial situation. The only requirements are your attention and your commitment.

Importance of personal financial education

Acquiring knowledge is the best investment that a person can do during her or his life. We will be specific and say that you have to invest in acquiring knowledge in the personal finances field and it is important to do.
Most of the people are struggling with their finances only because of lack of education. Actually, engineers, doctors, teachers and many others with big diploma and highly positioned people with a good job and a good salary are having serious problems with their family members and their health because of the poor finance management. Their lack of education in personal finances leads them to develop bad consumption and money spending behaviors.

What should you know

Firstly, you should know that you don’t know! Which means be humble and open your mind to learn and educate your self.
Secondly, you should know that you are not the only person who has the financial problems that you’re living now. Millions are struggling in the same way as you or worse.
Thirdly, you should know that for any problem there are solutions.
Fourthly, you should know that everybody can solve their financial problems, even you by yourself! yes you CAN!
Finally, you should know that you will need your attention and your comittment in order to start educating yourself and continuing until the end of the process in order to get out of your financial issues.

Make a plan

Any project has a plan. Your Financial Freedom project must have a plan and must be simple, clear and realistic or applicable.
The Key Steps to Financial Freedom plan is simple:
1- Educate yourself
2- Make a plan
3- Apply

Take action

Applying is the step which determines whether or not you will achieve the desired results. You can acquire a lot of knowledge in your head and prepare good plans, but if you don’t apply them nothing will change. So prepare your mind to do something different from what your doing now if you want to get something different from what you have now.


The Key Steps to Financial Freedom listed above are simple but strong enough to reach your freedom. By educating yourself you will be the master of your decisions and you actions. Your plan will help you to see your currently situation, see the goal that you want to reach and see the way to follow for that. And the actions you will take will concretize your ideas.


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