Rich Dad Cashflow Game 202 Review: Educate yourself on investing by gaming

Product: Rich Dad Cashflow 101 + 202
Price: $125.99 + Free Shipping
Created by: The Rich Dad Company of Robert Kiyosaki
Cheapest Place to Buy:

  • You need Cashflow 101 to use this expansion
  • Teaches advanced investment techniques
  • Adds the concept of volatility to Cashflow 101
  • 4 CDs included
  • Increase your financial acumen

The Cashflow 202, Product Overview:

The Cashflow 202 is an expansion to the previous one; Cashflow 101. The additional options are: a new set of four decks of cards and new player sheets to handle the new possible investments. It emphasizes on technical investing including a simple system for options and short sales.
Requirements: You must have the Cashflow 101 game in order to be able to play Cashflow 202 game.
Game components:
Capital Gain Deal cards which replace the Small Deal deck.
Cash Flow Deals which replace the Big Deal deck.
A new deck of more punishing
Doodad cards which replace the 101 Doodad cards.
42 Market cards which replace the 101 Market deck.
Stock shorting envelopes for each player. The two major stocks players can make short sales in.
4 cassette tapes on investing.

Let’s take a look in a nutshell to the game playing principle:
The main goal of the game is to help the player to learn how to invest and create a passive income. This means learning how to create new cash flow in order to have more incomes than your expenses without working every day as an employee.
It is recommended to play the game by more than 2 people (3 to 6) in order to benefit from the experience.
The game is played in two distinct areas: the first one is Rat Race area which represents your current life as an employee with a job. You will aim to quit this area to the second one which is Fast Track area. In The Fast Track area your play as investor in order to reach your dream.
At the beginning your determine your dream and put the piece of Cheese on it. The is the dream that your want to achieve at the end of the game. Then your start playing the Rat in the starting position.
The goal of the first part of the game is to get out from the Rat Race area which means to quit your job by creating more passive income than what your have in order to cover your expenses, so your no more need your job. Once your created enough passive income your get out from the Rat Race.
The second part of the game is in the Fast Track in which the goal is to reach the dream that your chose by investing.
The most important thing is that your have to reach your goal within a predefined period. Before your start playing your should set a timer for 1h30min or 2h max.

The teaching from the game:

The Cashflow game will help your to learn how to build and manage assets and how to earn cash flow or what is called a passive income. This means that your will acquire new skills in creating new cash flow in order to
have more incomes than your expenses without working every day and relying on your pay check as an employee. Moreover, playing this game is a measure of your financial intelligence as well as your emotional intelligence. By focusing on your predefined financial dream or objective your will know how to build your cash flow slowly over time.
The advantage of this game is that your simulate your real financial life. You do tests and experiences by making decisions of selling and buying in the similar way as your are doing or your plan to do really. Surely your will do mistakes that cost money and even lose the game, but this is only a game and fake money!
It is recommended that your play this game regularly at least once a month. With time, it will help your to change your mindset and your way of thinking about money. And once your master the game and reach your dreams your will be ready to take real decisions wisely.
You will be able to see what ordinary people don’t see in investing field.

Education and games:

Many studies are now proving the benefits of learning by gaming. In fact, neuroscientists have found that the two crucial requirements for a human brain to acquire new skills are: 1) Time, 2) focusing (concentration). Playing a game is funny, and fun is also an important factor for humans to get involved and focused in a
learning process. As a result of putting together three important factors for learning, your will optimize your learning rate.

Invest in your brain:

It may seem that spending money on a game and playing it as an adult is insane. But remind yourself that this is an educational game created by a millionaire and being played by many entrepreneurs over the world in order to improve their financial knowledge.
This is a worthy investment in your brain and your financial education.

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